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Our Tennessee lawyers defend criminal cases across Middle Tennessee and have experience practicing in nearly 30 counties. A conviction for any criminal offense in Tennessee can carry long term consequences which makes it imperative that your case is properly handled and you obtain the best result possible. Our job goes beyond showing up to court. We give you a legal analysis, provide you with options while the case maneuvers through the legal system and ultimately and ensure you make informed decisions regarding your case. With office locations in both Cookeville and Nashville, our criminal defense lawyers handle cases across Middle Tennessee.

If you are charged with a crime in the Nashville, Cookeville or Middle Tennessee area, call 615-829-8259 or 931-303-0421 to discuss your case with one of our Tennessee attorneys.

How Much Marijuana is a Felony in Tennessee?

March 9th, 2016|Comments Off on How Much Marijuana is a Felony in Tennessee?

How a Felony Marijuana case is analyzed under Tennessee Law When law enforcement finds marijuana, the first thing they will examine is the weight and quantity of the drug. They frequently will rely exclusively on the weight to [...]

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