Being charged with a crime in a different from state from where you live creates substantial anxiety. You went to Bonnaroo to have fun, and spent a lot of time worrying about what is going to happen with the charge. Particularly when you are a professional or a student and simply are not a bad person – with a lot to lose. Most are unfamiliar with the criminal court process anywhere, and even less familiar with the court process in Tennessee. We understand what our clients want when they hire us for representation for a Bonnaroo citation.

  • We relieve anxiety by resolving the case before your court date. The worst part of going through this process is the anxiety and uncertainty as to what is going to happen. The sooner you understand the process and know how your case will be resolved, the better you will feel.
  • No record. Most charges can be resolved in a way which will result in your criminal charge being dismissed.
  • Available to Answer Questions. Our criminal lawyers make themselves available to answer questions as frequently as you need prior to your court date. We also welcome calls from parents and are glad to answer their questions.
  • We minimize expense. Traveling from out of state is expensive. Especially if traveling from very far away. Each year we meet with the prosecutors in advance of court to discuss resolutions to cases. In some instances, our clients will not have to appear in court at all. For many others, only one trip will be necessary.
  • Experience. With offices in Cookeville and Nashville, our Tennessee criminal lawyers have handled hundreds of Bonnaroo related cases. It’s unlikely that there is any Bonnaroo scenario that we have not seen previously. We know what to expect and we know the best ways to resolve your case in the most favorable manner possible.

If you have questions about your drug possession citation or other criminal charge at Bonnaroo, call our Tennessee criminal lawyers today.
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